Read what past participants think of Smart Fit Girls™!

We love to see how our program is creating positive change in these young girls’ lives.


“Smart Fit Girls is SO fun. We do a workout and then come into a group and talk about things like health, nutrition, and body image. You can have fun and get fit at the same time!”


“Smart Fit Girls is the best. I’ve learned that you’re perfect and don’t let anyone tell you different…Smart Fit Girls has benefited my life so much that I’ve changed the way I think about myself. That’s Smart Fit for you! We also make it fun…it is just the place to be.”


“You should totally join Smart Fit Girls! The nicest, funniest, and most awesome people come together to teach, train, and coach you. You learn how to boost your self-esteem and feel good about yourself, all while getting a killer workout! Just join. Trust me. You’ll love it!”


“In Smart Fit Girls we learn more about our body. We also learn that your worth is more than what people say. Smart Fit Girls is a safe place…where you open up and be you…”