Have you heard of the theory that seven degrees separate everyone in the world? Theoretically, your friend knows a friend, who knows a friend (this continues 4 more times), and suddenly you’re BFFs with T Swift!  Well, we want to utilize that theory to spread the word about Smart Fit Girls™! We are implementing an ambassador program that allows YOU to share this great program, while getting some awesome benefits too!

Who can be an Ambassador?

An ambassador is someone who loves our program as much as we do and wants to help us become a household name. 

What is an Ambassador?

There are 3 levels of Ambassadors. We named our levels to correspond to increasing commitment to strength training, so getting to the highest level requires increased commitment to being an ambassador.

Level 1: Resistance Bands (100 points)

Level 2: Dumbells (500 points)

Level 3: Barbells (1000 points)

How do I earn points?

  1. Take the pledge to be a Smart Fit Girl yourself (50 points)
  2. Share our website link ( via email with 5 different friends (10 points per link)
  3. Share our website link ( on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter (15 points each)
  4. Sign up for our bi-annual newsletter (25 points)
  5. Successfully refer one of your friends or family members to the ambassador program (100 points)

Why should I be an ambassador?

There are several reasons why!

One, you love this program and want to see it thrive.

Two, you like exclusive access to SFG swag with a special ambassador logo on each item.

Three, you are insanely competitive and earning points is LYFEEEEEE.

As an added bonus, once you become a Barbell Ambassador, you get an exclusive lifting tank plus bragging rights.

Submit Your Earned Ambassador Points